Nexium price

Does the Cost of Nexium Depend on the Dose?

When looking for the right answer about the cost of Nexium, the first thing that you should understand is that there are many factors involved. This medication belongs to a class of drugs called proton-pump inhibitors. It works by inhibiting the acid amount secreted in a stomach, and that’s why Nexium is taken to treat many gastrointestinal conditions caused by excessive gastric acid secretion, including:

  • Esophagitis;
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease;
  • Dyspepsia;
  • Peptic and duodenal ulcers.

Affordable Treatment for Gastrointestinal Disorders

Patients buy Nexium to treat and prevent duodenal and peptic ulcers resulted from oversecretion of gastric acid. Any current damage to the stomach lining that has resulted in ulcers can be treated with a preventive action of this medication focused on stopping further cases of excessive production of gastric acid.

Nexium Dosage and Price Information

You can get this potent medication in tablets available in 20 mg and 40 mg doses. Does the price of Nexium differ based on the dose? Yes, and the following facts prove that:

  • Nexium price for 20 mg pills ranges from $2.20 to $2.30 per tablet;
  • Nexium cost for 40 mg tablets ranges from $3.15 to $3.20 per tablet.

Usually, this drug is taken 1 hour before regular meals, and this treatment should last no longer than 4-8 weeks. That’s because this duration is enough to maintain and heal the damage caused by gastric acid.

Price of 20 mg Pills

Nexium 20 mg is a powerful medicine taken by patients to treat GERD, duodenal and peptic ulcers, esophagitis, dyspepsia, and some other gastrointestinal problems. 20 mg is the most recommended dose for patients to treat these conditions. One 20 mg tablet costs about $2.20 in many online pharmacies, but its price is a bit higher ($2.30) in traditional drugstores.

Price of 40 mg Pills

When buying Nexium online, one should be aware of the fact that 40 mg dosage is more potent than Nexium 20 mg tablets. Its effect is also fast, and people’s tolerability is based on their conditions, age, and immunity. Since 40 mg dose is higher, it’s more expensive compared to 20 mg pills. You can buy one 40 mg tablet for $3.15 in online pharmacies, but its average price is slightly higher ($3.20) in land-based drugstores.

As you can see, the bigger the dosage of Nexium, the higher the cost of one pill.